Machine Learning -Level1 Module 3- Ryan


  1. Made CSV File and received it using python.
  2. Made training systems and used it to predict and found the error between the predicted value and the actual value.
  3. Used linear regression training models, logarithmic models, and other training models to predict.

VS Studio
CSV File
Python -imported SKLearn, Pandas, etc

Soft Skills
I got 0 percent for f1-score for every column, and found the error. I had to fix the trainX value and trainY value from the topic column in the csv file.

Achievement Highlights
1.Successfully trained models and used it to predict
2. Built a simple recommendation system
3. Organized (cleaned) my data well in the csv file.

Detailed Statement

  1. I cleaned my csv file and received it using python in visual studio and made separate variables to store the information.
  2. Although it was not of high accuracy, my model was successful in predicting the values with less error.
  3. I eventually printed f1-score, precision, accuracy, etc using my model.