Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Seojin Park

Things Learned:

Technical area:

  • Learned the basics of EDA(Exploratory data analysis)

  • Learned more about html codes and how to use them

  • Learned more about web scraping using beautiful soap and visual studio code


  • Beautiful Soap

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Git Hub

Soft Skills:

  • Learned more about python by watching some python coding videos on YouTube

  • discovered some coding websites that helped me understand Python(Stack over flow, Geeks for Geeks… etc)

Achievement Highlights:

  • used beautiful soap to scape data (dates, titles, categories… etc) from a discord forum and made it into a CSV file

  • got better at using Python and Git hub

  • pushed all codes into Git Hub

Detailed statement of tasks completed:

  • watched a lot of videos on YouTube to get familiar with Python and HTML code

  • made a repository and pushed all the code in there.

  • cleaned the csv file and deleted unneeded data