Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Ryan

Things Learned:

Technical Area:

  1. Installed Beautiful Soup through terminal in visual studio code, using it to scrape data from website.
  2. Learned how to use HTML code to successfully extract certain elements from the website.
  3. Learned basic scraping and programmed to scrape the data in to simple 3 categories of lengths of the posts, dates, and the likes it got from the viewers.

Beautiful Soup, GitHub, Visual Studio Code.

Learned python and attempted to analyze certain elements from the HTML code of the websites.

Achievement Highlights

  1. Successfully scraped certain elements (dates, likes, and lengths) of the posts and made it into a CSV file.
  2. Successfully committed and pushed the code to GitHub using the terminal.
  3. Familiarized with python and HTML.

Detailed statement of tasks completed:

  1. I was at first unfamiliar python and HTML code, so I learned the basics of it to successfully scrape and organize the data. I struggled with the syntax, but I managed to complete it through watching videos online.