Machine Learning: Level 1 Module 2 - Karen Zhao

Overview of What I Learned

Technical Area

  • Today I learned a lot about CSV file types.
  • I also learned about EDA (exploratory data analysis)
  • Familiarizing myself with HTML, I previously learned it but I studied it again in order to extract from websites properly.


  • BeautifulSoup
  • EDA fundamentals
  • Github and Git
  • Python
  • CSV

Soft Skills

  • Understanding the process of scraping for data in Python much better
  • I also learned how to use website such as Stack Overflow in order to succeed in debugging much easier than before.

Achievements and Tasks

Today I accomplished numerous tasks. I learned HTML tags in Inspect Element on Google Chrome and learned how Python can be used to scrape for data, such as looking for paragraph tags as that’s where the bulk of information is from. I was able to remove all HTML tags from one website into a CSV data type.