Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 2 - Anjali Samavedam

Technical Areas:

  • Familiarized myself with fundamentals of EDA
  • Learned how to navigate HTML and extract certain components of the website
  • Got more practice with scraping - extract text and dates


  • Jupyter Notebook
  • BeautifulSoup, Spacy, Pandas, NumPy, CSV, Requests
  • Git / GitHub

Soft Skills:

  • Resourcefulness in finding solutions to bugs/errors by doing research
  • Navigating forums like stack overflow to find solutions to some errors

3 Achievement Highlights:

  • Scraped a discussion board and was able to read the messages into a csv file
  • Got more familiar with using BeautifulSoap and CSV in python + got more familiar with HTML
  • Made and pushed code into a GitHub repo

Tasks Completed:

  • Picked the a specific community to use and got familiar with the HTML tags in the inspect
  • I scraped the messages from one of the boards into a CSV and removed the HTML tags
  • Did basic analysis - compared the relative lengths of the comments and graphed them (frequency of long/medium/short messages)