Machine Learning - Level 1 - Module 1 - Tunde

Learning overview

Technical skill

  • Machine learning concepts

  • BERT implementation

  • Git vs Github

  • Web scraping

  • Trello

Soft skill

  • Communication


  • Python

  • Urllib

  • Requests

  • Beautiful Soup

  • Git


  • Watched some of the recommended videos again for better insight into specific task.

  • Implemented BERT using the recommended notebook up to tokenisation stage.

Completed tasks

  • Finished watching the bookmarked video tutorials for the week.

  • Scraped a webpage.

  • Pushed to github.


  • Still having set up issues on my local machine using Jupyter-lab. I went ahead to use Google colab just like in the past.

  • Authentication issues when pushing to Github. Fixed it by creating 2FA and generating a token for authentication when password was prompted.