Machine Learning- Level 1- Module 1- Srishti Yadava

Overview of things I learned- Technical area-

  1. I learned about the basics of machine learning and how it works with the help of the provided lectures.
  2. I learned about the basics of NPL.
  3. I learned about web scraping and data mining.

Tool- Beautiful Soup, Selenium- webdriver, Python, Scrapy, Git, GitHub

Soft Skills- Made myself more familiar with Machine Learning, coding in Python, learned a bit more about NPL.

Achievement Highlights- I learned to use Beautiful Soap a little, learned about what is supervised and unsupervised learning, learned about GitHub and Git commands, I also reviewed the basics of Python.

Tasks completed-

  1. I downloaded Jupyter Notebooks and made a “Hello, World”.
  2. I watched all the necessary webinars to familiarize myself with the topics.
  3. I also downloaded Beautiful Soup, I also learned a liitle bit about PyTorch.