Machine Learning - Level 1: Module 1 - Ekamjeet

Technical Area:

  • Learned more about overview concepts of Machine learning and some machine learning algorithms by watching the lecture videos
  • Learned about fundamental ideas about NLP and some networks like Vanilla Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNS), and Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTM)
  • Learned about web scraping and data mining


  • PyTorch
  • Spacy
  • BeautifulSoup
  • TensorFlow

Soft Skills:

  • Got a good overview of ML better from Kunal Singh’s video
  • Understood application of ML better via sorting IMDB movie example.
  • Got an idea about crawling, scraping, and NLP.
  • Learn Python better

Achievements and tasks:

  • Learned about concepts of Machine Learning and web scraping
  • Got all of the required material installed (Python libraries, VS Code)
  • Built virtual environment
  • Learned a lot of new stuff about git and git-hub