Machine Learning: Level 1 Module 1 - Derek Xu

Technical Area:

  • Already had previous experience in machine learning, but not much in NLP
  • I learned more about the algorithm behind machine learning by watching the video
  • Web scraping, data mining are fairly new concepts to me and I haven’t learned much about them before


  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Github
  • Jupyter Notebook/Lab

Soft Skills:

  • Learned about potential ethical issues involved in web crawling
  • Learned more about utilizing certain websites such as StackOverflow in debugging

Achievements and tasks:

Getting familiarized with my new Python environment was an achievement for me. I typically programmed in C++ before for robotics so I don’t have as much experience in Python. Downloading Selenium, Numpy, etc. using PIP install was an achievement.