Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 1 - Brendan Aeria

Module 1 Self Assessment

Technical Area:

  • Learned the basics of machine learning as well as NLP
    • I can comfortably use the ML project workflow
  • prior experience, webinars, community forums, etc. gave me a great understanding of all of my newfound tools


  • Learned the basics of parsing HTML text using Beautiful Soup and Selenium WebDriver
  • Found my way around the Jupyter Notebooks editor/IDE
    • Have experience with Visual Studio Code
  • Learned how to use the python library Spacy
  • Sentence_transformers and Transformers helped me use BERT encoding in python
  • Found my way around Google Colab
  • Learned the basics of Pytorch as well as TensorFlow 2.0 (my brain is exhausted, but this is really cool!)

Soft Skills:

  • Used the virtual community to help guide me through this learning experience
    • Asked questions on forums such as DiscourseHub
  • Gave back to the community by helping others
    • I had a hard time getting the answers I needed about machine learning
    • With deeper research, I became more intelligent on the topic
      • On forums, I helped out other people who needed guidance


  • Learned a very efficient way to get data from a webpage
  • Strengthened my knowledge of Python using new python libraries
  • Used my newfound knowledge of machine learning, and made a basic ML model

Tasks Completed:

  • Successfully scraped a webpage for data
    • Using Beautiful Soup was a breeze
    • It took me a little while to figure out how to use Selenium
  • Used Transformers in python in order to convert text into either negative or positive
    • Used the logistic regression machine learning model in order to train this program

I am sorry for being late, my robotics club has been very hectic in the past month. I have really learned a lot from this Module, and I thank you for taking the time to mentor me.