Machine Learning - Level 1 Module 1 - Andrew


Technical Area:

  • Learned the basics of Machine Learning and NLP from the videos provided.
  • Learned about web scraping from webinar and course on Real Python and bs4 documentation
  • Learned about the use cases for Machine Learning
    *Used requirements.txt file for modules


  • BeautifulSoup, csv and Requests
  • PyCharm
  • Tensorflow, Google Colab, PyTorch

Soft Skills:

  • Effectively got help from other forums/ chats
  • Navigated forums to learn about the various Stem-Away programs


  • Successfully scraped multiple pages, get data, and run analysis on it.
  • Used git commands and PyCharm features to make and commit to a repository
  • Learned about multiple libraries over the course of the project

Tasks Completed:

  • Learned about the basics of ML
  • Installed libraries needed for the course
  • Used web scraping on the Discourse forums for Amazon sellers
  • Ran analysis on the data