Level 1: Module 2 – Getting hands on Ruby and Git

Full-Stack Pathway


Working with Git and GitHub, learning basic Ruby syntax, classes, objects, functions, etc and Project Management Tool - Trello


  • Have completed Module 1 Tasks and self-assessment. [Module 1]
  • Have installed Discourse in local machine and is working (Reply in the forum if have any problems with installation).
  • Have a GitHub account.


In this module, we will work on the following things:

S.N Tasks
1. Getting familiar with Ruby programming language. Video1, Video2, Video3
2. Getting hands on GitHub. Video1
3 Clone the project from GitHub repo (link below), complete it and commit the changes to your branch.
4. Getting used to Project management Tool - Trello.


After successful completion of this journey, we will have developed the following skills:

Technical Skills

  • Understand how to write Ruby code.
  • Ability to work with Git and GitHub.

Soft Skills

  • Project management with Trello.
  • Familiar with industry-standard Agile Methodologies and Sprint systems.


Self-Assessments are very important because it is the way to keep a record of all your highlights and achievements (helps a lot when creating/updating resume). Also, it is required by STEM-Away to be able to generate certificates and 1-Click Resume. Most of the big companies also use the same technique of self-assessments to evaluate their employee’s performance.

  • Where should you post the self-assessment?
    You can post it here.

Module 2 - Getting Started

Module 2 - Tasks

  • Watch these video tutorials on Ruby and GitHub.

  • Clone the repo from this link. It contains four Ruby files where you need to write the code. After that run a test script to see if your code is correct (test script is provided). Then create a branch and push your code to GitHub.
    NOTE: Please attend the webinar where I will be showing a demo on how to do this.

  • Cannot access GitHub repo?
    This is because either you have not accepted the invitation sent to you. Or you have not provided your GitHub info in the forum. Please visit this forum and provide your GitHub information.

Task Submission Steps

  • After completing the coding task, commit the files to GitHub.

  • Post a self-assessment to the forum in this link.

  • And, post the link (URL) of self-assessment as a reply to this module.

:blush: Please reply below for any sort of questions or clarifications. :blush:


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Hello all, if you want to get started ahead before our next meeting, you can follow these steps. We will be following these steps in the meeting too.


Here is the link to my second self-assessment!

Hey @bmaharjan,

I can’t access the GitHub repository (gives me a 404 error).
I did put in my github account information in the other forum.

Thank you,

Hello @Aryan

I have sent you a new invitation request to the GitHub account. Once you accept that request, you would be able to access the repo.
Please let me know if it still shows any issues.


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Here is the link for my self assessment:

Hello @bmaharjan,

So I tried opening my local discourse and I’m not sure what went wrong but I’m getting this one error:

Regards, Aryan

Hello @Aryan,

It is hard to what caused this issue since I believe Discourse was running before. But it is complaining about FileUtils.

On this line, FileUtils is undefined: FileUtils.mkdir_p(RAILS_ROOT + "/tmp")

So, try to add the require statement at the beginning of the unicorn file and see if it resolves the issue. require 'fileutils

More on this link:

Let me know if it resolves or not.


Thank you @bmaharjan! It works perfect just like before!

Regards, Aryan

Hey @bmaharjan,

It seems like I accidentally pushed changes to the master branch in the repo, how can I revert the pushes if there’s a way?


Hi @Aryan,

I do not think you have pushed into the master branch. So, I think everything is good. No need to worry.

But in the future, if you want to roll back your changes, you need to know the revision id of whichever version you want to have. If you just want the previous version of code, you can do:

git reset --hard HEAD@{1}

Hope this helps.


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Thank you @bmaharjan for your help!

Here’s the link to my self-assessment:


Hello, the GitHub link to the repo is broken, can you please put up a new one?

Hello @KenWu,

The GitHub repo is private, so you would need to be added to the member list before you can access the GitHub link. You can post your GitHub info here in this forum and an invitation will be sent to your email. You can then accept the invitation to have access. Hope this helps.

Thanks, Bijay

Hello @bmaharjan, I am just curious are we supposed to create a new branch in GitHub and push our own codes into it?

Hi @JiangfengLi_SW_21 , It is good practice to create your own branch and work on it. Once you have your branch, you are free to practice anything without worry about messing anything or anyone messing around. Thanks Bijay

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Here is the link for my self-assessment:


Here is the link to my self-assessment for Level 1 Module 2: