July Bioinformatics- Observer

I am a bit confused about the process of the project to become an Intern. I am aware that it is due 7/17/2020, however, I am not sure where the project is due, and if all the materials such as the pipeline for bioinformatics been added to the google drive. Also, I have made an Asana account as well as GitHub and familiarized myself with their platform’s, However, I am also unsure, on if we are supposed to be in groups on these platforms before 7/17/20? I am really interested in Bioinformatics and believe I would gain so much exposure and from this Internship, but I just want to clear up information regarding the internship selection process. Thank you!

Hi @Trisha_N!

I believe all you need to do by the 17th July is complete the self-assessment. You will be added to the team after this has been done.

The self-assessment now doesn’t include the pipeline! You just need to complete the R, Asana, and Git training (which it sounds like you have done!) and fill in the self-assessment google form.

You can find the self-assessment form and more information about bioinformatics in this thread:

I hope that helps, and I look forward to working with you on the Bioinformatics pathway!

Thank you! It did help, and I look forward to working with you as well!