July 6th session (updated 06/20)

Based on our learning from the June 1st session, we have decide to change the application model for the July 6th session.

Session will start on July 6th for all pathways (including Bioinformatics)

Acceptance to the program will be in four phases.

  • Phase 1:
    (July 20 Update): Notification emails were sent at 10am PST on Sat June 20 to people who had submitted applications. If you did not receive one check your spam and all of the emails that you have.
    No pathway or role or team has been assigned to any student at this point.

  • Phase 2: Webinars will be conducted during Week 1 to give you accounts and help you get started with the STEM-Away collaboration channels. Returning leads/participants/observers do not need this step.

  • Phase 3: Once you have your accounts, you will have access to the introductory training material for all pathways. The earlier you attend a webinar and get setup, the sooner you will have access to the training material. Clear guidelines will be given to help you in this phase of self learning.

  • Phase 4: By the end of Week 1 (07/11), you will fill out a form where you enter your choice of pathway and role. Additionally, you will fill out a self-assessment that summarizes your learning from the training material provided and justifies your choice of role. Guidelines will be provided for the self-assessment. Final selection will be decided based on the self-assessments filled out by applicants. You will be assigned to teams in Week 2 (07/13) if selected. The project will run through Week 5.

Extra 3 weeks

All pathways will get an extra 3 weeks where they have continued access to resources and weekly Q&A session with industry mentors. Participation is optional. This is to cater to students who wish to work on their projects for a longer time.

Additional info:


Is this for the Machine Learning internship as well?

For all pathways. We will cover information relevant to all pathways.

The original post has been updated with more details.


Could I possibly share this link with a friend who applied just for the July 6th session but hasn’t received anything yet or is that not allowed?

@Anca: Sure, you can! It is totally fine to share any post. In fact, we encourage it. If the post is from a closed channel, it will automatically be protected. You don’t have to worry about what can or can’t be shared.

Ok, thank you so much!

I applied for the Bioinformatics and Machine Learning internships so if I’m notified will that happen by the end of this week? @ddas

Is the July 6th application open to those who did not complete the initial application in March/April?

Yeah, the forms are still open. Closes noon tomorrow. If you are asking for yourself, you are more than welcome to join any pathway!

I think I like this 4 phase structure. It will help to clear the observer-participant confusions and switches that we have had in the June session. Plus, access to all pathways means people can actually diversify out into different pathways based on their interests or curiosity, so that is pretty cool as well.

The best part is I can use both my UX and ML skillsets to help out people in the first week! Should be fun

Thank you! So I got into the ML track as a participant way back in May. Do I need to do anything in particular for this track or are you guys doing everything behind the scenes?

As in, like do I have to fill out a new google form or something?

You will get an email over the weekend that gives you next steps that everyone needs to complete.

Recommend editing your post to get rid of the capitalization of the do. A soft skill tip!

Thank you for this! :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. As a July 6th participant, I’ve gone ahead and filled out the Google Form and signed up for an orientation from Calendly. Just to make sure, is that everything that I have to do?

Hi. I am a part of the participant group for July 6th, but did not receive an email today. Does that mean I will not be able to participant in this program?

@meenoti2001: am checking your application.
@anshgupta1234: yes, you are all set for now.


I just wanted to clarify that if I signed up to be a ML participant for July, but became a ML participant in June and wanted to be an observer for Full Stack in July, I could make the switch in Phase 4 since no one is assigned a pathway/role in Phase 1?

@brandonc: Correct!