July 2020 Calendar

July 2020 Calendar

Set up by our wonderful intern @Isha, driving Virtual-Internship Infrastructure Setup and Best practices for Project Management

All STEM-Away® events will be uploaded to this master calendar. A great place to start on 07/06!

And as with all other resources, it can only be accessed with your mentorchains accounts!
All event links will be added at least an hour before the event.


[W] - Webinars
Hosted by industry mentors or student leads to provide training. All webinar recordings will be available on the drive within a day.

[OH] - Office Hours
These are hosted by students from the June session who have volunteered their time to help new students. Office hours are not mandatory. Please attend only if you need help with the self-assessment phase or just wish to learn more about a particular pathway.

Office hours are recorded. Any rude behavior or harassment of any kind will result in immediate removal from our program.

[P] - Presentations
These are session end presentations by current June teams.

[T] - Training
These are mainly for leads.

July 2020 calender doesn’t allow me to add. Please someone help me.

I do not have access to the calendar. Please assist

I do not have access to the calendar. Can someone help me?

Try using your mentorchains account to access the calendar.

Dear Stephanie, We have a meeting tomorrow, but I don’t see a link for the google meet.

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  1. Click on SA logo.
  2. Click on July 2020 calender
  3. Select Add if it doesn’t allow then cancel it and click on your account on the top right corner and change gmail account to mentorchains.com

I hope it will help you to access calender.

I also cannot find the Wednesday 10AM introductory meeting on the calendar… Does anyone know how we will be able to access it tomorrow?- will it eventually be added to the google calendar?

Make sure you’re using your Mentorchains account.

The calendar is accessible from your mentorchains account. The link to add the calendar to your account is posted in above in the announcement.

Hello. Please see Mentorchains GSuite accounts have been created (Phase 2)

Issues with accessing calendar? Please see the attached video.
Huge thanks to @Vrinda_Jain!