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Do you love STEM and want to make money promoting it? STEM-Away has set up an affiliate program in PayKickStart. We’ll give you all the info you need to make successful sales and most importantly, happy customers. Wish to learn more? Click here PayKickStart-Affiliate-Onboarding-Instructions.

Our main products are Hybrid-Bootcamps - a unique combo of self-paced projects with embedded bootcamps. Participants can explore as well as advance STEM careers in Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, Full Stack and UX. Project Details.

In order to be successful in this role, you should be:

  • Interested in STEM. You don’t have to have STEM experience (though that’s always a plus), but you have to have some interest in what we do.
  • able to familiarize yourself with the marketing material that’s made available.
  • able to communicate the value of our services to potential customers (other students!)
  • able to represent STEM-Away and our services positively.

If you are a STEM-Away alumni, you can apply directly here: Please use the same email as your stemaway account.

If you are not a STEM-Away alumni, please contact to set up an interview.

Earn 30% commission per sale if selected.

Marketing Material

Pathway: Machine Learning