It is a great pleasure to introduce Anya Greenburg, STEM-Away® Bioinformatics Mentor


Anya is a graduate of the University of Rochester and received a B.S. in Data Science with a concentration in Biology and a minor in Japanese. While a student, she gained computational experience in various sectors of biology including evolutionary genomics, clinical research, and software development. When she’s not debugging code or learning something new, you can find her reading science fiction novels, playing tabletop games, or getting lost in the woods.

Anya joined the STEM-Away Bioinformatics pathway in early June 2020 hoping to learn more about the biological implications of bioinformatics research. Stepping up to aid her fellow interns in troubleshooting pesky R code and learning from them in turn, she gained valuable insights not only into the biology, but also the teamwork, virtual communication, and mentorship vital to the STEM-Away experience. Now with her experience in the Bioinformatics level 1 project and her technical expertise, she is excited to mentor others through the pathway.