Intro to Content-Based recommendation systems - Recommendation Models by Sara EL-ATEIF

STATUS: PAST Recording available below

Description This webinar is an introduction to recommender systems and is mainly focused on content based recommender models.


  • About Recommender Systems [Definition - Examples]
  • Recommender Systems Approaches
  • Content-Based Recommender Systems
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Movie Recommendation Example

Video tutorial

Slides Recommender Systems_ Content-Based.pdf (1.1 MB)


Hello there Sara, I see that the video was at some point live. why didnt I (an ML pathway team member) get the notification for the live session?

Hello @YasaminAbbaszadegan,
This was recorded at 21 May 2020, where you part of the program at that moment ?
Normally, it was done for the June 2020 session.

ah okay, I am new to the program. I thought it was recorded earlier and I have missed a notification or something. :smiley:

No worries :wink:, if you have your notifications on a topic on. I don’t believe you will miss on anything.

Hello! I only got to know about the sprint program and joined yesterday. Where can I get the link to the colab file of the demo? Thank you!

Hello @Vishnupriya_Kanuri,

It’s linked in the slides (joined in pdf format in this post).

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