Instructions for the Cloud Computing Hub

Link to Cloud Computing Pathway Hub Guide for new members.

STEM-Away® Pathway Hubs are self-paced prep courses to help students prepare for our virtual-internship program. Train at a pace that works for you so that you are ready to dive in with your teams when the next session starts!


  1. Create an account on

  2. Join the Cloud Computing Pathway Group. Once you join a group, you will be able to participate in the corresponding hub. The Cloud Computing Hub is also open to members who have joined the Machine Learning or Bioinformatics Groups.

  3. Optionally, “watch” this category.

  4. Level 1 Training Modules have been posted. Reply to the module posts with questions, discuss/help fellow students, submit a link to your self-assessment when ready.

  5. Join the post module wrap-up session to get feedback from your pathway mentor. Wrap-up sessions are only held during active training sprints.

  6. Application for the next virtual-internship session will be announced by your pathway mentor. If you have been active on the hub, you will be given top priority.

Self-Assessment format:

  • Concise overview of things learned. Break it up into Technical Area, Tools, Soft Skills

  • Three achievement highlights

  • Detailed statement of tasks completed. State each task, hurdles faced if any and how you solved the hurdle. Do not worry if you could not complete a task, add it as a question for your mentor.

Please post self-assessments in this channel: Self-Assessments - STEM-Away®

Note: the step below is no longer needed
and then post your topic URL as a reply to your mentor’s post. (refer to Step 4 above).


Thank you! Quick question, is a self assessment due for each module?

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Correct. Self-assessments are due for each module. You can check the ML and FS hubs to see the formats used by the incoming STEM-Away mentors.