Important Dates & Program Structure

Important Dates - 2022

Application Window

Application window opens in mid Feb. An application profile will be created for all applicants to track events, pre-requisites and other details.

Pre-internship Training

Pre-internship Training (10 days) will be provided to all applicants in June. Dates will be decided based on feedback from partner schools.

If you are a beginner, we strongly encourage you to start working on the pre-requisites right away. There are resources available online. STEM-Away also provides training through self-paced projects designed from previous internship sessions.

Evaluation & Team Formation

Evaluation & Team Formation begins mid June.

Two tiers of teams (Power Teams & Exploration Teams) will be formed based on evaluation results. Power Teams will work on Level 3 & Level 2 projects. Exploration teams will work on Level 1 projects. Explanation of Project Levels and prerequisites.


Virtual-Internships will be held during the month of July.

The virtual-internships are very fast-paced and students have to commit to keep up with their team. Self-assessments and presentations are expected from all students on a weekly basis.


Demo days and other showcasing will start in August and continue until the next session.