❗ Important Announcements/Information

Hey @2021-FS-L-S1 @2021-FS-L-S2 @2021-FS-P-S1 @2021-FS-P-S2

I would like to address some important information/answer common questions for all and for those just joining as part of session two.

Information for everyone in the FS Pathway:

Today’s Kick-off Meeting and Current State:

As I mentioned in today’s meeting, we did not cover Module 4 (Advance theme development), instead we welcomed the new session, addressed some important info, and got an update on the team’s progress. We only had teams 1 & 3 (and new team 4) present today, and both were on track with things. Team 2, please ensure that you have completed Modules 1 - 3 and have begun ideating for your final projects. The recording of the kick-off meeting will be posted soon. Leads: Please sign up for your topic to discuss before 2021-06-27T07:00:00Z here.

Communication via Slack:

It seems that most of the leads should be on Slack by now. Please find out the emails of your team members and add them to the Slack channel as soon as you can. Some good discussions has already begun in some channels, so you may find it beneficial. If you are a lead and are not on Slack yet, post your email here.

Office Hours

Updated information regarding office hours is posted here. Please use this thread to book office hour meetings.

Announcements and Important Info

All announcements and important information will continue to be posted in the #teams-2021:full-stack. Please ensure that you are tracking this Category to stay up to date with all the latest information. When there are important announcements posted, please make sure that you click the :+1: Like Button so that we know you have seen the posted information.


Begin thinking about what you may do for your final project. Either a theme component or a plugin. Stuck on ideas? Head over to https://meta.discourse.org, take a look at existing theme-components, themes, and plugins to see what’s already available and get inspired. Also do a search for ‘Feature Requests’ and have a look in the marketplace category to see what users desire to add to their forums.

Session 2 Leads + Participants:

Team Assignments

You should be added to a FS Team already. If you haven’t, please ensure that you go ahead and read the Welcome topic for Session 2 here and :exclamation: Make sure that you like the message so we known that you’ve seen it. Once you’ve liked the message you will be soon added to a team.

General Onboarding Info

If you haven’t seen this topic already please ensure you read this.

Module Progress

Starting this week, try your best to catch up to Session 1 (i.e. Complete Modules 1 - 3). This way you can begin attending the live kick-off meetings each week and be able to ask questions and be more involved. If this sounds intimidating complete each module weekly or try to complete as much as you can and watch the recordings as well as attend office hours. @2021-FS-L-S2 Leads, discuss with your team a plan of what you would like to do (catch up soon/go at a slower pace). Ideally, if you can catch up, it would be best. But have a discussion as a team to decide how you want to go about it.

Where to find information?

Important Info, tips, announcements, etc:
#teams-2021:full-stack category

Meeting Slides:
There won’t be slides every week, but if there are, it is posted here:
🖼️ Meeting Slides

Meeting Recordings:
🎥 Recordings of Full Stack Meetings - #4

Discussion Regarding Discourse Installation Issues
Discourse Installation Help - #18

Modules/Week-by-week Plan
Discourse Plugin Development (FS2)

Meeting Schedule
📅 Session 1 - FS Meeting Schedule

Discourse Development Tips / Topics

Session 2 Welcome Topics
Full Stack Specific: Welcoming Full Stack Session 2 Virtual-Internship interns & Modular-Internship interns
Onboarding: https://stemaway.com/t/onboarding-instructions-for-session-2-interns/8415?u=keegan

Self-Assessments Info:
Self-Assessments - the critical component of your internship

Logistics & Account Related Issues
Thread for all logistics & accounts related issue

Additional Questions: PM me (@keegan), the second mentor Bijay (@bmaharjan), or your FS Team Lead. Or, make use of the Slack Channel.

I hope this information is helpful! Leave a message below :point_down: if you have any questions!