If you want to move from observer to participant

Check with your team lead.
We can accommodate some more participants.

Hello, I have talked to my co-leads and they said I can move to participants. So, can you please change me from observer to participants? I am in team 2.


Thank you!

Is it possible if I can join another group as a participant for the June 1st session? I am already in the UX group and I want to see if its possible for me to join another group (I prefer the ML or BioInformatics groups) as well?

We are allowing a participant + observer combo. But unfortunately, both ML and BI are full.

Can I be an observer in another group?


Only FS is open at this time. If anything changes, will let you know.

Full stack is okay with me too!

@stemaway I would love to hear more info about being a observer on Full Stack Group

I would like to move from an observer to participant. I talked to my team leads Sarah and Tuhina (Team 4), and they said they would be happy with me becoming a participant.