How do I sign up for a project?

Project Sign-Up:

  • All projects are introduced through webinars. STEMCasts® with the tag #stemaway-pathway have associated Mentor Chains® Projects.
    Sign up for webinars to hear directly from experts in that field or watch recorded episodes. Find a pathway that excites you!

  • Visit upcoming projects to request access to one or more project groups. Announcements related to a project including call for leads and participants will be sent to the associated group.

  • Student Leads will be selected ~2 months before the project start date. Leads will be selected by the STEM-Away® team. Student leads will help in both project definition as well as selecting the rest of the team.

  • Acceptance notices and required paperwork will be sent to selected students. The number of students per team is 8-10. We will try our best to accommodate all students who have expressed interest in joining a project by running multiple teams per project.

  • Required paperwork will be completed for students receiving academic credits for the project.