Git webinar for all ML teams (Hosted by industry mentor)

We are postponing to tomorrow. Philadelphia got hit with a major storm and all power is out.

Apologies for any inconveniences caused.


Material covered:

  • Github Account

  • Git installed on local machine

  • VS Code

  • Python 3+ interpreter (preferably Anaconda)

  • VS Code extensions: Python, Gitlens, Git Graph, Github Pull Requests

Presentation will be divided into 3 sections:

  1. Git Overview
  2. Brief VS Code Overview
  3. Live Git Demo Using VS Code

Note from mentor:

I would recommend those with no or minimal experience not try to follow step by step on their local machines, otherwise they may lose track. Those with intermediate experience might want to try to replicate my steps in real time. Those with advanced git knowledge may have seen this all before, but should take notes on what questions are routinely getting asked so they can also assist their teammates.

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Please share the information with your teams.
Need a few volunteers to help Colin monitor Q&A and chat. DM me. Thanks!


Thanks @ddas @ML-Team2-June1, have a look friends

Have to postpone by one more day. Power is still out in Philadelphia.

Link for the 2nd part of the session:

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Will there be a recording posted for this webinar?