Functional Analysis - Croix Mikofsky

Progress Summary- Functional Analysis

Group presentation:

Challenges faced:
Had a lot of problems with my enrichment analyses returning no results. This was resolved after meeting and communicating with Anya. It ended up being a problem with my removal of my duplicate probeset ID’s which went on mess up my collapseRows() function. After this issue was resolved my enrichment analyses functioned again.

Also as a problem with GSEA() I had my p-values equal to 0 which I was unable to resolve.

Summary of work:
Technical- Using R for different types of functional analysis
enrichGO, groupGO, enrichKEGG, enrichDGN, GSEA, gene concept networks
Tools- RStudio, StringDb, clusterProfiler, GSEA
Soft Skills- Troubleshooting with my team, meeting with tech leads, building a resume/CV

Further notes:
It was very intriguing to be able to see the connections between the last few weeks of work and the pathways and genes that could be relevant for clinical intervention and the like. StringDB was really intriguing to look at as well. It definitely made me want to understand the molecular biology more.

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