FullStack - Level 1 - Milena Kari

Module 1 Self Assessment

1. An Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area: Watched Discourse video and learned about Discourse, review Ruby, learn about Ember.js
  • Tools: github, command-line tools, scripts, Ruby, Ember.js
  • Soft Skills: how to navigate forums, seek help, connect with other team members and mentors

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Followed the Discourse installation guide and installed successfully on Ubuntu
  • Despite some issues, like script stopping and quitting with an error at certain point, I was able to resume the installations where it left off and complete it
  • Review Ruby syntax. I had used Ruby before but was long time ago and needs review
  • Get some familiarity of what Ember.js is

3. Challenges

  • Installation script quit with an error. Seems like temporarily lost the internet connection and couldn’t reach Github. Copied remained of script to a new file and ran it again - finished with success. Have limited disk space on my machine, so I have been monitoring how much I have left after all installations. Seems ok for now.
  • Having hard time navigating and figuring out what needs to be posted where and where the information is. Created special folder with bookmarked links for Stme Away

4. Goals For Module 2

  • Learn more about the development environment. Already have familiarity with Ruby and Rails but but needs refreshing and figuring out how to use in context of this project
  • Learn more about Ember.js
  • Learn more about Postgre SQL

Module 2 Self Assessment

Goal: Setup development environment

1. Technical area:

  • Followed installation steps for Discourse development environment on my local Ubuntu machine but ran into few problems:

  • failures when running the auto specs. Reviewed logs, it seems that failures were minor, related to color schemes, decided to ignore for now

  • Error when trying to connect to Discourse app on the local server at localhost:3000. It says I need to run ember-cli first and connect to server on port 4200

  • Had to install ember-cli separately, then search for information. Read ember-cli script to try to understand what it is doing.

  • Finally able to run discourse on localhost:4200

2. Tools:

  • Rails server
  • Ember CLI
  • bash CLI

3. Soft skills:

  • Problem solving without understanding the full picture: had to debug scripts that were not created by me. Search for information online, look at logs and try to figure out source of error. Learn by trial and error.

4. Achievement highlights

  • Investigate and fix errors and get Discourse up and running
  • Learn about Ember CLI and how it interacts with Rails server
  • Use Linux command-line tools to troubleshoot, including investigating memory usage of the whole development environment and whether my machine (old) has enough resources for it (looks like we are good for now!)

Goals going forward

  • Still need to learn about Postgre SQL. Too many other issues this week, no time for that
  • Learn about Discourse themes, Discourse Theme CLI
  • Try to create a basic Discourse Theme