Full Stack Team 3: Welcome & Checklist

Hello Full Stack Team 3:

Sorry for my late start! Thank you for your patience! Thank you so much for Tia helping us start our journey.

It did take me several days to catch up both format and content stuff and I was working on integrating all the useful resources we could use.

Elias, Tia and I are very excited to work with all of you !

Here are all the useful resources I integrated from STEM AWAY:

Theme: HTML, CSS, Javascript(Ember)
Plugin: the above + Ruby,Postgre, Redis
Project Management Tool: Asana
Click–>>Overview of Discourse Full Stack Project

What We Will Do?
We will start with THEME development to ramp up on Discourse. Then maybe we will work on the PLUGIN afterwards.

  • Discourse Installation & Setting Up

Click–>>Video tutorial for setting up a Discourse instance on my local machine

Click–>>Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

Click–>>HOWTO Set up a development environment using vagrant (Ubuntu guide)

  • Getting Familiar With How To USE Discourse

Click—>>Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes

Click—>>Beginner’s Guide to Creating Discourse Plugins

  • Project Management Skills for Effective Teamwork(Asana)

Click–>>Project management skills for effective teamwork. Includes a tour of Asana. Host: Paul Grobler, Productivity Consultant & Social Entrepreneur (Recording Available)

Project Suggestions/Ideas(Brain Storm)
For example:

  • Changing the appearance to make Discourse resemble a social media site.
  • Creating a landing page for the Virtual-Internships sign up page (or any other STEM-Away page)
    Can work in tandem with UX group
    An opportunity for code to be picked up as part of STEM-Away Site Evolution (platform design done by students)


Checklist Before We Start:

  1. Go through the resources above

  2. Install Discourse and report problems here: Discourse Problems Report

  3. Check in the status of the Discourse Installation under this topic.

  4. Set up your individual @mentorchains.com email(Gsuite). (You will receive invitation/guide about how to set it up later this week)

  5. Self Introduction Here:
    Where are you from:
    Current Time Zone:
    Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone:
    Full Stack Experience:
    Project Suggestions/Ideas:

  6. First Zoom Meeting:
    I plan to set up our first zoom meeting on 05/30/2020. Please write down your preferred meeting time in your time zone through your self introduction. I will finalize the meeting time and post the link on by the end of 05/29/2020.
    Ice break; Getting familiar with the technologies; Finalize our project content according to the ideas you post here,…

Thanks for your time and collaboration.

This is my official Stem Away email address. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or concerns.
Longfei Wang: longfei@mentorchains.com

@przhang @CoderOfBlaviken @varthini @jessie_anh_nguyen @andy93 @willystyle7 @Kushal_Gautam @Quince @ppuritip

Tia @tiatmehta, thank you so much for helping us get started!

I could only tag 10 people in one post.

Tia @tiatmehta and Elias @Elias_Attias . Here you go!

Small technical issue at our end. Contact Longfei through the platform until the mentorchains domain is ready to accept emails (it take a little time for MX records to propagate, it should be up very soon. We will let you know when that happens)

Name: Tia Mehta
Where are you from: New York
Current Time Zone: EST
Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone: Anytime after 12 pm
College/Job: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Full Stack Experience: Worked with HTML to design websites, also used Javascript and Python
Project Suggestions/Ideas: I think it would be really cool to develop a unique theme based off a popular app or maybe even movie/tv show

Name: Maxim Gorshkov
Where are you from: Moscow, Russia
Current Time Zone: UTC+3
Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone: Anytime between 12 pm and 12 am
College/Job: University of Rochester
Full Stack Experience: I’ve used HTML, Python, and Postgres (and a little bit of CSS and JS) to create a Django web application. I’ve never worked with Ruby but I’m excited to learn it!
Project Suggestions/Ideas: I’d love to work on a theme that resembles a social media platform (e.g. FB or Twitter); as for the plugin, maybe we can create something like a simple built-in code editor?

Name: Kushal Gautam
Where are you from: Originally from Nepal but currently living in Rochester, NY
Current Time Zone: EST
Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone: EST 10 am to 10 pm
College/Job: University of Rochester
Full Stack Experience: I have some experience with HTML, CSS Postgre, and Flask. I would love to learn anything new.
Project Suggestions/Ideas: Maybe we could create a social media platform of our own.

Spread your ideas here friends!!

Looking forward to “seeing” you on our first zoom meeting on 05/30/2020.

Time and link will be post here by the end of 05/29/2020.

Name: Irene Saito
Where are you from: Originally Hawaii, currently in MT
Current Time Zone: MST
Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone: 9am - 8pm
College/Job: New York University
Full Stack Experience: Not much. I know some Python, and am somewhat familiar with HTML and CSS.
Project Suggestions/Ideas: A theme based on a novel or a character from a novel

Full Stack Team 3 First Zoom Meeting:

**MT: Saturday, May 30⋅11:30am **
EST: Saturday, May 30 1:30 PM
UTC+3: Saturday, May 30 8:30 pm

Description:Longfei Wang is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87092323247?pwd=M3lWQnRqTndVZWZCT01xbWVFOVdSUT09

Meeting ID: 870 9232 3247 Password: 8edxvp

Hello team,

Name: Varthini
Where are you from: Originally from India, Now living in Bloomington, Indiana
Current Time Zone: EST
Preferred Meeting Time in Your Time Zone: 10AM - 10PM
College: Indiana University, Bloomington
Full Stack Experience: I worked as a software Engineer for almost 2 years in a start up to develop a web application to cater K-12 stakeholders. I have some experience in Java ( Spring framework), Python, HTML, javascript. I do not have experience in Ruby, Ember and CSS.
Project suggestions: Theme: I agree with the idea of developing a theme based on a series/tv show.
Plugin - Maybe a chatbot?

@Longfei - I missed today’s zoom meeting, Is it possible to get a quick overview of what happened in the meeting so that I could catch up.

And also, is anyone from our team who has finished installing discourse on their windows machine?
I would like to get help from the mentor and the team members in the installation @tiatmehta