Full Stack - Team 1 Assemble (Introduce Yourself)

Welcome to STEMAWAY family :speech_balloon: :eyes: :hugs:

Hello Team 1,

@Jscott @Ronny @rzhou @jiachengli1999 @Rasmitha_Koduru @Aman_Shrestha @ssanusi @ibrahim @BojanKosta @montelyu

I’m very excited to start work from June 1st with all of you along with two dynamic team leads:
Tia Mehta and Amy Fung

Before the project starts, let’s get to know about each other in the team.

Let’s get to know about each other in the Reply section:

Full-Stack Experience: Are you a Beginner? or knew some concepts or have you done any project already on full-stack?

More about you like your hobbies, favourite foods, movies etc., and also features you would like to include in STEMAWAY website (It be a plugin or a section or change in theme or even a colour) etc.,

Please suggest a team name as well !!!

By the way, have you installed discourse on your system? if not, please try installing following documentations. If any errors, please comment below.

Any inconvenience or any sort of communications? Reach me out at: sai_likhith_k@mentorchains.com

Thanks for your time and effort.
I will start the chain by answering these.

Hi folks, so this all about me:
Name : Sai Likhith
Location : New York
Timezone : Eastern Time Zone (EST)
College/Job : New York University
Full-Stack Experience : Completed some projects also
My Hobbies: Playing chess, Binge-watching webseries (any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile: ), YouTube, Coding
What animal can I compare myself with and why? Horse, it’s relentless and ever enthusiastic.
Did I install Discourse instance on my system? Yeah!!!
Feature I would like to include in STEMAWAY website? I would love to add a chat messenger plugin like Facebook to address individually.
Team Name I would prefer: The Avengers
Favourite Sport: Cricket, Football

Yes, I’m open for informal chats.

I can tag only 10 people per post, so, tagging @tiatmehta and @amyfung here to express themselves to STEMAWAY family.

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself guys :love_you_gesture:

More about me:
I love trekking and hiking in the mountains. Love to travel and explore. Love to ride bikes and go on long rides, Football fan and and Metalhead.

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That’s awesome @Ronny . I too love travelling and I liked your idea of including favourite sport. I will add that here. I suggest you to refer “Clever Programmer” Javascript videos if you want to get a headstart. It will be 7 hrs or so, but it will be worth to give a shot.

Bdw, whats your favourite football team? :slight_smile:

Name: Jeremy Osborne
Location: Colorado, USA
Timezone: MST
College: University of Denver
Full-Stack Experience: I know some concepts
Discourse on my system? Not yet, but I will install it very soon.
Hobbies: Skiing, Camping, Playing pick up sports, and traveling.
Comparable Animal: I would say a raccoon because of how resourceful they are.
A feature I would like to include: Better navigation tools
Team name: Hypertext Assassins
Favorite Sport: To watch, American football, to play, volleyball
Is further communication okay? Yes, of course.

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Hey @Jscott, its interesting in comparison with racoon :ok_hand:, I liked it. And also, I would consider your feedback on better navigation, lets see if we get a chance in theme development and time permits, we can do that. Meanwhile, before starting with technical training, I would suggest to refer some javascript and ruby tutorials for beginners to get a headstart. We can always learn while we work together. Looking forward for further interactions.

Hey Everyone!

My name is Aman Shrestha.
I am originally from Nepal but am currently at Rochester City, NY
Therefore, I follow Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
I’m a student at University of Rochester majoring in Computer Science.
I’m fairly new to Full-Stack having recently finished a course on Udemy. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt and get more efficient with the concepts.

My hobbies: watching football (which has been postponed for so long), playing piano (which I can’t cause the music rooms are closed), Youtube videos of people reacting to various things (guilty pleasure), Coding (Getting massively frustrated and happy at the same time), Procrastinating extensively and heavily regretting it (this one’s the most accurate)

Animal comparison: DOGS!
I sleep for most of the day, get excited and happy when I see my close friends, sleep a little more, exhaust all my energy in one burst of doing anything, sleep a bit more, get super excited about eating good food, absolutely hate and avoid veggies at all costs, sleep again.

Discourse installation:
Went down many depth first search to solve multiple problems. Finally downloaded them all but got another error while creating the database, still working on that part.

Feature to be included: I would like to change the UI and UX of the website to make it more user friendly and intuitive.

Team Name: Placeholder

Favorite sports: Football (The one that’s played with foot and ball also referred to as “soccer”)

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Hi @Aman_Shrestha, I can understand being so busy as a student might be sometimes frustrating and we tend to watch shows or YouTube as stress busters. That’s perfectly fine as we are not robots, we do need some breaks and that’s how procrastination begins. You will find this internship fun and informative hands-on experience provided you don’t lose enthusiasm. You have very good qualities like patience to express neatly and your frankness as well. Try to install discourse first, if any issues? message me. Once the projects starts, we can look at how can we contribute in UI (Theme) changes. As of now, relax and try to get your fundamentals strong. Looking forward for further interactions.

Hi team,
We can have all people’s opinion polls here and please introduce yourself, so that we can understand who all had installation issues and we can know you better as well.
Sai Likhith

I support Chelsea.

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Hi, I am using this link to install Discourse on my system. https://meta.discourse.org/t/beginners-guide-to-install-discourse-on-ubuntu-for-development/14727

I am getting stuck while trying to run autospec command. It is running series of test without an end. Any inputs to solve this issue?

Hi @Ronny, don’t worry, I’m looking into the issue. A screenshot of the error would be great to debug.

Hi @Aman_Shrestha, how are you? I hope you are doing well. So, what about your discourse installation? is it done? if any problems exist, we will help you sort it out. Please comment here if any problems exist. I will help you solve it.

Thank you for asking. I’m still having the problem actually. I’m using a Mac and after installing the dependencies, I’m having the following problem when I try to run:
bundle exec rake db:create

There is a long trace but I’m just uploading the first problem it shows.

Sure, @Vrinda_Jain will take care of Mac issues as of now. I’ll mention her. I’m preparing neat documentation and by the end of the day ill send you.

Hey @Aman_Shrestha
I think the issue is because the redis server is down.
Try out the following:

This will start the server.

redis-cli ping
Check if its up

sudo apt install redis-server
You may also need to install redis-server if that error pops

I tried it and this is the latest issue I get.

Hey Aman,Have you opened local host in new browser page and cross checked?

Hey everyone,

Here is the document for the installation procedure of discourse and debugging.

Please let me know if any else test cases to be added for Ubuntu installation.

Hi @Aman_Shrestha,

Try doing the steps in the documentation:

You can try redoing the database steps properly again: If I am not wrong, your error says that Couldn’t create discourse development database. So, you need to re-execute this:

bundle exec rake db:create
bundle exec rake db:migrate
RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate

you can also try docker installation as well.