Full Stack Self-Assessment - Level1: Module 3 - Masrur Alam

Self-Assessment - Masrur Alam


  • Technical Skills
    • Used Basic HTML and SCSS
    • Used VS Code and Github to create and edit code
    • Used the Discourse Theme Creator to preview my theme.
  • Tools
    • Github
    • Visual Code
    • HTML and SCSS
    • Discourse Theme Creator
  • Soft Skills
    • Self-learning Github and Discourse Theme Creator
    • Solving problems with HTML and SCSS


  • Learned how to use Discourse Theme Creator
  • Learned how to code HTML and SCSS using Github
  • Cloned the repo and made my own branch

Tasks Completed and Challenges

  • Cloned the skeleton from the repository to my own branch. Accidentally cloned the wrong branch so I had to make a new one. (Its called Masrur15-(Actual-One))
  • Modified/Created codes on Github and VS Code. Accidently edited the master branch, but I fixed it. (Really Sorry!)
  • Used the Discourse Theme Creator to preview the theme that I created.