Full Stack - Level 1 Module 4 - Sravya

1. Overview of what I learned

  • Technical Skills
    • I learned the basic syntax of JavaScript, and how it is used for front-end development.
    • I learned that Handlebars is a way of providing logic to JavaScript files, and I learned how to utilize it in my code.
    • I learned how to edit Discourse files in order to create my own themes, as well as how to make widgets and components.
  • Tools
    • Discourse: I used my local machine to view my created themes, and I also used the Inspect tool to debug my code.
    • GitHub: I regularly pushed by edited code to my personal branch. I also used the Discourse GitHub to access Discourse files for me to edit.
    • Atom: I used this editor to edit my JavaScript files and view my code.
    • JSFiddle: I used this to practice writing Handlebars in JavaScript code.
  • Soft Skills
    • I learned the importance of creating ‘cheat sheets’ for easier future reference. I created a sheet with different terminal commands, Git commands, and one for JavaScript syntax.
    • I exercised my problem solving abilities by fixing my code based on the errors I got, and I’m becoming comfortable with debugging in JavaScript.
    • I continued to improve on my ability to learn from sources of information like videos and websites (Discourse, Stack Overflow), and whenever I was stuck, I would look for the answer online.

2. Tasks completed

  • Watched videos on JavaScript and learned the basic syntax
  • Learned how Handlebars works and how to use it
  • Practiced using Handlebars in JSFiddle
  • Researched how to create basic themes, widgets, and components in Discourse
  • Previewed theme changes on local machine

3. Challenges faced

  • It took me a while to refresh my memory on how to run Git commands in my terminal. For example, I kept accidentally doing git push instead of git commit. However, after reviewing previous Full Stack videos and researching online, I was able to remember how to push my edited files to my branch. I also noted down my steps separately so I wouldn’t run into this issue again.
  • I had to debug my code multiple times because I used the wrong syntax in my JavaScript files. I persevered through this and managed to complete my theme.