Full Stack: Level 1 Module 4 - Fong

1. An Overview of Things I Learned

Technical areas:

  • Use discourse remotely and install themes with git repository, zip folder and preview them
  • Basics of Handlebar.js
  • Locate templates and components in Discourse Codebase and modify them
  • Learned basic pluginAPI methods


  • Ubuntu
  • VS Code
  • Github
  • Git
  • Discourse
  • Discourse Theme creator
  • pluginAPI
  • JSFiddle

Soft Skills:

  • Practice my observational skills
  • Improved my comprehension skills by reading the documentation
  • Brainstroming skills improved because of themes creation

2. Three Achievement Highlights

  • Successfully added header into the themes
  • Successfully added footer into the themes
  • Learned about Handlebar.js and integrated it into HTML

3. Tasks Completed

  • Added footer, body tag, head tag HTML files into the FS-Pathway_RemoteTheme into the repository
  • Customized a theme
  • Learned about Handlebar.js and practiced with JSFiddle
  • Installed the theme from repository and previewed it.