Full Stack - Level 1 Module 3 - Sravya

1. Overview of what I learned

  • Technical Skills
    • I learned about the different types of files from the repo, like yml, json, and scss, and their functions.
    • I learned how to manage a Git branch, including creating, updating, and publishing changes to GitHub.
    • I learned how to view my theme in my local machine, as well as on the theme editor on Discourse.
  • Tools
    • GitHub: I used the template files in the given repo in order to experiment with different themes.
    • Discourse: I used the theme creator to view my changes, and I viewed what themes/plugins other developers have made.
    • Atom: I used this editor to edit the template files and change banner titles, colors, and others.
  • Soft skills
    • I learned how to handle and resolve a problem, and I got more practice with reviewing what I’ve accomplished by writing self assessments.

2. Tasks completed

  • Cloned the template files from the GitHub repo into my local machine
  • Learned how to edit the files, and edited them accordingly to make my own theme
  • Viewed my changes on my local Discourse server and on the Discourse theme creator site

3. Challenges faced

  • I faced some difficulty in viewing my changes on my local machine, since I edited the banner text and wasn’t able to see it. After attending the Module 3 meeting, I realized that I needed to specify the branch of the repo that Discourse is importing the theme from. Then, I was successfully able to see what I changed in the code.