Full Stack - Level 1 Module 3 - Lance



  • Technical Areas
    • Used Discourse theme development platform to host theme
    • Used VS Code/Github to write and host code
    • Brushed up on basic HTML/CSS
  • Tools
    • Github
    • HTML/CSS
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Discourse
  • Soft-Skills
    • Problem solving/self-learning skills used


  • Used Github to clone a repo, create a branch, and publish code.
  • Familiarized myself with Discourse's HTML/CSS layout by adding to/editing the code.
  • Familaized myself with Discourse's theme development platform.

Completed Tasks

  1. Cloned the skeleton repository to my own branch.
  2. Modified the repo by editing and adding new code/files within Github.
  3. Used the Discourse theme developer to preview it live. Had some issues because of the FS pathway repo being private but solved the issues by using my own repo.