Full Stack - Level 1: Module 3 - Ken Ho

1. Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Areas

    • General understanding of Discourse themes and components
    • Refresher with HTML and CSS syntax
    • Picked up some useful Git commands that helps to revert/undo beginner mistakes such as pushing to wrong branch, committing in the wrong branch, etc.
    • Introductory understanding of submodules in GitHub
    • Brief overview of Trello and how it would benefit future collaborations.
  • Tools

    • UNIX terminal
    • Discourse
    • Git, GitHub
    • VSCode
  • Soft Skills

    • Improved speed in reading technical documentation
    • Recognize the importance of grit and perseverance.

2. Achievements

  • Successful installation and preview of Stem-Away’s remote theme on Discourse website.
  • Successfully previewed remote theme on local machine via localhost.
  • Successfully modified and pushed submodule repo to GitHub.

3. Tasks Completed and Challenges

  • Finished going through documentation about Discourse theme, and Discourse Theme Development.
  • Had a hard time understanding how submodules worked, but my current understanding is that its just a link embedded into the current repo that points to another repo elsewhere.
  • Shaky understanding of Discourse led to buggy set up and configuration on local host (e.g. Unaware that w/out admin account set up in localhost, we cannot run discourse page)