Full Stack - Level 1 Module 2 - Stephanie Tam

1. Overview:

  • Technical Area
    • Git commands - cloning a GitHub repo, creating a branch, staging, committing, and pushing changes
    • Basic Ruby syntax, classes, objects, functions
  • Tools
    • Git, GitHub
    • VSCode
    • Ubuntu Terminal
    • Youtube
  • Soft Skills
    • Improved independent problem-solving skills
    • Practiced efficient and effective note-taking

2. Achievement Highlights:

  1. Completed the Ruby assignments
  2. Successfully committed my files to GitHub
  3. Familiarized myself with Git commands

3. Statement of Tasks Completed:

  • Familiarized myself with basic Ruby syntax
  • Practiced coding in Ruby through the given assignments
    • I had to rewatch the Youtube videos to refresh myself on Ruby syntax
  • Ran test script successfully on my Ruby code
  • Familiarized myself with Git commands by watching the two Git videos
  • Committed files to my own branch on GitHub
    • At first, I was modifying the Ruby files on the master branch. Since I realized my mistake before staging my changes, I was able to undo everything by running git checkout .