Full Stack - Level 1 Module 2 - Sravya

1. Overview of what I learned

  • Technical skills

    • I continued to watch videos about Ruby to further familiarize myself with the concepts and syntax.
    • I learned about how GitHub is used, why it’s used in software development, and how to clone repositories, make branches, and upload my code to the GitHub server.
    • I familiarized myself with more terminal commands while working with Git.
  • Tools

    • GitHub: a platform for developers to share code and provides version control
    • Atom: a text editor application for editing code in text files. I used this app to change and test my code for the Ruby assignments.
    • YouTube: I utilized this website to read about how Atom works, and how to run my code on it.
  • Soft skills

    • I learned to problem solve and try new methods when I was completing the Ruby assignments.
    • I learned to use the resources available to me on the internet to look for ways to solve issues I run into.

2. Three achievement highlights

  • Studied Ruby: I watched the videos available to us, took notes, and found a cheat sheet for future reference.
  • Completed 4 programming assignments: I used my newfound knowledge on Ruby to finish the 4 exercises, and they all passed the tests.
  • Created a branch on GitHub and pushed my code to the server.

3. Tasks completed

  • Watched videos on Ruby and GitHub
  • Downloaded Atom for editing Ruby files
  • Located the Full Stack repo on GitHub
  • Cloned the files into my home directory
  • Modified the files in order to pass the TestSuites
  • Committed the modified Ruby files and pushed them as a new branch to the repo

4. Challenges faced

  • Since I have never worked with Ruby before, it was difficult for me to remember the exact syntax I needed to use. To solve this, I compiled a set of notes from the given videos and found a cheat sheet for easy reference in the future.
  • I downloaded Atom to help me edit my Ruby files, but it took me a while to figure out how to compile and run my code on the application. I ended up looking through tutorials on YouTube, where I learned that I needed to download the script package for it to work.