Full Stack - Level 1: Module 2 - Sarah Xie

Self Assessment

1. Overview

Technical Area

  • Reviewed Ruby
  • Reviewed GitHub, Git Commands
  • Wrote and tested simple Ruby programs


  • Atom Code editor
  • GitHub
  • Windows Terminal
  • Ruby
  • STEM-AWAY Forum
  • YouTube

Soft Skills

  • Learned about Agile Methodologies and Sprint systems for collaborating in groups.
  • Reviewed how projects can be managed using a board-structure, such as using Trello Boards and GitHub projects.

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Furthered my understanding of Ruby
  • Learned about how projects are managed and people collaborate using Agile Methodologies and GitHub.
  • Used the Windows Terminal to clone the repository to my local machine
  • Completed simple Ruby Challenges with 100% success
  • Created a new branch on GitHub

3. Tasks Completed

  • Watched and took notes on the provided YouTube videos
  • Used STEM-AWAY forum to communicate GitHub information
  • Cloned repository to local machine
  • Completed and tested Ruby programming challenges.
  • Created a new GitHub branch