Full-Stack - Level 1: Module 2 - Orhun


  • Technical Area

Using Git and GitHub to collaborate on and host a project

Using Ruby language to solve numerical problems

  • Tools

MacOS, Mac terminal, Ruby, GitHub, Git

  • Soft Skills

Learning by watching recordings

Applying learned skills

Three achievement highlights

Deepened my knowledge in Ruby language and Git & GitHub

Completed 4 Ruby assignments that can perform the following tasks: Figure out whether a car is above a certain value, Add a number of integers, Find the greatest number in an array, Do sum, multiply, modulo calculations

Created a branch named okolgeli and pushed my assignment answers into this branch

Statement of tasks completed

Learned the following Ruby topics in order to complete 4 Ruby assignments: Variables, Math & Numbers, Arrays, If Statements, For Loops, Classes & Objects, Initialize Method, and Object Methods.

Learned the following Git actions in order to be able to create a branch and put my changes in there, leaving the master branch intact: status, add, commit, push, and checkout.

Used VS Code to commit staged changes and to write a commit message.

Installed useful extensions in VS code such as Git Graph (to visualize Gitflow), GitLens (integrates Git into VS code), and VS Code Ruby.