Full Stack - Level 1 Module 2 - Lance Uymatiao



  • Technical Areas
    • Used Ruby syntax and skills
    • Use VS Code/Github to write and host code
  • Tools
    • Github
    • Ruby
    • Visual Studio Code
  • Soft-Skills
    • Research skills to search for answers to questions/issues with Ruby/Github
    • Self-learning skills for learning through YouTube videos
    • Applied concepts learned in last two modules


  • Installed Ruby to my computer and used an extension to run Ruby in VS Code
  • Completed the 4 Ruby coding assignments easily
  • Used Github to clone a repo, create a branch, and publish code

Completed Tasks

  1. Advanced knowledge of Ruby through lecture videos. Was mostly easy thanks to background knowledge in OOP/Python and syntax learned in last module
  2. Used Ruby to finish the 4 coding assignments without much trouble other than with the Ruby installation.
  3. Pushed the code to Github through my own branch.