Full Stack Level 1: Module 2 - Ken Ho

1. Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Areas
    • Experimented with different text editors when attempting to complete the four ruby files such as Vim, Nano, and VS Code. Decided to settle with VS Code due to user-friendliness and customizable options.
    • Experimented with Git commands and studied the Git documentation about branching and pull requests, as well as the good practices when writing commit messages.
    • Improved familiarity with Ruby syntax and unit testing from the test script.
  • Tools
    • Bash
    • VS Code
    • Git, GitHub
  • Soft Skills
    • Learned how to take better notes when watching tutorial videos
    • Learned how to read technical documentation in a short time

2. Achievements

  • Successful setup of IDE (VS Code) in Linux environment.
  • Successful completion of four Ruby classes and passed all test cases.
  • Successfully pushed my commits to my own upstream in GitHub

3. Tasks Completed and Challenges

  • Finished all suggested links about Git and Ruby tutorials.
  • Failed multiple times when running the test script due to incomplete understanding of Ruby syntax and logic, but was finally able to figure out after some reading and trial-and-error.
  • Struggled to incorporate branching and push with Git due to unfamiliarity with Git commands, but after some time of more research and rewind of the videos, I was finally able to grasp the concept.