Full Stack - Level 1 Module 2 – Jiangfeng Li

1. An Overview of Things Learned

Technical Area:

  • Learned how to write classes, variables, for loops, if statements and functions in Ruby
  • Learned how to clone the remote repository, create new branch and push codes from new branch to GitHub by git, STEM-Away forum and VS Code.


  • VS Code.
  • STEM-Away forum
  • Ruby
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • YouTube
  • Stackoverflow

Soft Skills:

  • Learned how to collaborate with mentors when facing issues
  • Learned how to cooperate with a team of developers on GitHub

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Successfully clone the remote full-stack pathway repository to the local machine by git clone
  • Successfully completed all four ruby assignments in a full-stack pathway repository
  • Successfully created new branch and push codes from new branch to GitHub

3. Tasks completed

  • Watched the tutorials “Introduction to Ruby” on STEM-Away Forum
  • Studied the recording of the Git webinar by Colin on STEM-Away Forum
  • Shared GitHub account to STEM-Away and cloned full-stack pathway repository to the local machine
  • Finished implementing codes in ruby assignments and passed all test cases
  • Made new branch and push codes from new branch to GitHub by git push -u origin

4. Challenges faced

  • When I was working on the ruby assignments, I am still a little bit confused about the syntaxes and functionalities of ruby such as what is the “*input” means in the “RubyArrays.rb” class and how to compute the max in “GreatestNumber.rb” class and sum in “RubyArrays.rb” class efficiently. After reading some answers on stack Overflow, I had a more strong understanding of how codes work in ruby
  • I share my GitHub account and information about my ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript proficiencies on STEM-Away Forum, got access to the full-stack pathway repository and clone it to my local machine, but still wondered how to submit my our codes to GitHub. I posted my question to STEM-Away Forum and the mentor Bijay encouraged me to create my own branch patiently and professionally. Therefore, I made my own branch in the local machine and typed “git push -u origin” to push my new branch with the codes I wrote to GitHub.