Full Stack Level 1: Module 2 - Fong

1. An Overview of Things I Learned

Technical areas:

  • Ubuntu: Git clone the repository and git push a branch to Github
  • Setup VS Code and installed extensions that are suggested in the Git-Training video
  • Git commands and functions


  • Ubuntu
  • VS Code
  • Github

Soft Skills:

  • Self-discipline by finish all of the videos (Ruby and Git)
  • Learned even more after making mistakes

2. Three Achievement Highlights

  • Used Ubuntu to open repository with VS Code successfully
  • Completed the 4 Ruby files questions and tested with test scripts provided
  • Made mistake by pushing into the default master brunch, but managed to rebase the master brunch and delete the history of commits

3. Tasks Completed

  • Watched all of the videos (Ruby and Git)
  • Installed VS Code
  • Git clone the repository (fs-pathway) with Ubuntu
  • Completed the Ruby questions with VS Code
  • Pushed a branch to GitHub with all the completed Ruby assignments