Full Stack - Level 1:Module 2 - Baris Guzelsoy


Technical Area

  • Got more in-depth with Ruby and its syntax, using its different functions
  • Got familiarised with VS Code
  • Learned more about basic Github functions


-Ruby-GitHub -Youtube -Stem-Away Forum -VS Code

Soft Skills

  • Got more practice on taking various approaches to the problems I encountered
  • Learned the importance of being able to interpret the resources available in the proper way
  • Exploring different options to find the most suitable learning method for such concepts (Youtube videos, Forums, GitHub, etc.)

Achievement Highlights

  • Successfully finished all 4 Ruby challenges with a relatively smoother experience (Didn’t run into that many errors as expected).
  • Explored and used the cloning and pushing repository functions successfully.
  • Successfully navigated the process with the help of VS Code.

Tasks Completed

  • Pushed and committed the process to my GitHub profile.
  • Watched all videos with attention to each detail which helped me to have a smoother experience.
  • Utilized VS Code for Ruby challenges.