Full Stack - Level 1 Module 2 - Aryan Ahuja

1) An Overview of Things I Learned

  • Technical Area:

    • Learned about Git along with GitHub and how they make code management easier than ever through a brief webinar and demo
    • Continued my study about a new language Ruby by watching additional videos and really practicing it in Atom (a text and code editor) by making small programs of my own
    • Used VS Code for the first time and learned to use Git through the terminal and through the GUI of the IDE
    • Took hold onto various git commands for the work with terminal like git commit, config, checkout, etc
  • Tools Used:

    • Atom, for the making of mini programs
    • Git and GitHub, for accessing and pushing Ruby assignments
    • Visual Studio Code, used for actual coding
    • WSL Bash Terminal, for the use of git commands
    • YouTube, helped in the learning of Ruby
  • Soft Skills

    • Flexibility: This one is a sense of using one thing in different ways. For example, I am now able to use integrated git in VS Code both through the GUI and the terminal. In case one doesn’t work, I wouldn’t be limited to it
    • Problem Solving: Given the very short assignments for Ruby, I had to come up with an efficient way of approaching the tasks
    • Communication: Was able to clarify doubt and ask questions when needed

2) Achievement Highlights

  • Understood the fundamentals of Git and GitHub
  • Learned enough Ruby to be doing basic assignments
  • Cloned my first ever repository
  • I am now comfortably working with terminals, somethings which I thought earlier didn’t even exist

3) Tasks Completed

  • Watched the three provided videos for the understanding of Ruby
  • Watched the Git Webinar and a demo for further learning about Git
  • Cloned repo and made changes to it (then finally pushed those changes)
    • One mistake, which I believe I did, was that of pushing changes to the remote master (but that was not the case)
    • Another challenge was getting to know a new code editor and how git was integrated in it. This issue was resolved by the help of YouTube and other forum websites like StackOverflow