Full Stack - Level 1: Module 1 - Stephanie Tam

1. Overview:

  • Technical Area
    • Windows/Linux Commands
    • Discourse
    • Basic syntax of Ruby
  • Tools
    • PowerShell
    • Ubuntu
    • Discourse
    • GitHub
    • Youtube
  • Soft Skills
    • Motivated self-learning and self-discipline
    • Developed self-reliance when encountering issues
    • Learned to seek other available resources when stuck on a particular issue (debugging, troubleshooting)
    • Time management, gave priority to the larger goal of accomplishing the task before researching specifics

2. Achievement Highlights:

  1. Successfully installed Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (Ubuntu)
  2. Successfully installed Discourse on Ubuntu and was able to connect to the discourse app
  3. Familiarized myself with the basic syntax of Ruby. This process was not as difficult as I expected since I was already familiar with object-oriented programming (C++).

3. Statement of Tasks Completed:

  • Installed Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (Ubuntu)
  • Installed Discourse on Ubuntu
    • I was confused with the following line: “bundle exec rake autospec”. I did not understand what was happening or what I was supposed to be expecting, but the following post provided some clarification:
      What does the "bundle exec rake autospec" command do? - installation - Discourse Meta
      The command was just running some tests. The failed tests did not imply that my environment was improperly setup, so the solution was just to ignore the failed tests.
  • Learned the basic syntax of Ruby through the two Youtube videos
    • Will have to work on remembering the specific syntax