Full Stack - Level 1 - Module 1 - Ray Kim

Ray Kim - Self Assessment - Module 1

1. An Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area:

-Learned about Discourse. what it is and how to use it.

-Learned a new language, Ruby.

  • Tools:

– Terminal, Discourse, STEM-Away forum, Github, Atom.

  • Soft Skills:

– Learned how to solve my query by searching google and StackOverflow when I get stuck.

2. Achievement Highlights

  • Installed Discourse successfully. In order to install Discourse, I deleted and reinstalled it several times and finally, I understood the process.
  • Learned new language, Ruby. I followed along with video lectures, so it was easy to understand the new language.
  • Got the mindset of learning new knowledge. Learning new knowledge is always interesting and whenever I learn something, I get stuck many times. Even though understanding new knowledge could take a long time, there are many sources to catch up, so I have enjoyed it so far.

3. Challenges

  • Before I worked on this assignment, I never used Discourse and Ruby. Learning Ruby was not challenging since I had some background in Java and C++. Their basic syntax is almost similar to each other, so I enjoyed watching Youtube lectures about Ruby, Whereas, installing Discourse was tricky even though there was a detailed guideline on the STEM-Away forum. I followed that step by step, but I was not able to log in to Discourse at first; therefore, I deleted and reinstall a few times and finally figured out my mistakes.