Full Stack - Level 1 Module 1 - Michal Urban

Technical Area:

  • Installed discourse using the Windows installation Had a few difficulties with the Discourse dependencies shell command, but eventually installed all packages correctly. Cloning database and discourse went smoothly.
  • Created script to start the needed servers and database for the discourse plugin.
  • Watched tutorial on Ruby to get familiar with basic syntax


  • WSL Ubuntu shell
  • Ruby
  • Google/Internet Forums

Soft Skills

  • Patience and persistence Important because when installing and setting up all the different parts, a lot can go wrong and you need to figure it out by googling. Trail and error can be draining but once you figure out the problem it is a tremendous relief.


  • Installed Discourse
  • Completed Ruby Tutorial
  • Becoming more confident using the terminal

Tasks Completed:

  • Listened to Jeff Atwood interview to familiarize myself with Discourse
  • Installed discourse locally following the tutorials provided.
  • Already had a Github account set up but reviewed Github features
  • Completed Ruby tutorial to learn the syntax