Full Stack - Level 1 Module 1 - Lance Uymatiao



  • Technical Areas
    • Discourse Purpose and Usage
    • Linux/Ubuntu Basics and Commands
    • Basic Ruby Syntax
    • STEM-AWAY Forum Navigation
  • Tools
    • Github
    • Discourse
    • Command Prompt
    • Ubuntu Terminal
    • STEM-AWAY Forum
  • Soft-Skills
    • Self-reliance and patience to work through Discourse installation
    • Research skills to search for answers to questions/issues with installation
    • Self-learning skills for learning through YouTube videos


  • Enabled Windows Subsystem for Ubuntu and Discourse installation
  • Created GitHub account
  • Learned basic programming concepts in Ruby syntax

Completed Tasks

  1. Successfully installed Ubuntu. Went smoothly other than having to go through motherboard BIOS to enable virtual machines.
  2. Used Ubuntu's terminal to install the Discourse web app. Had trouble creating a file and saving it within Ubuntu but pulled through!
  3. Have a basic understanding of the syntax of Ruby. Was easy thanks to the very quick and informative YouTube tutorial provided by Mike Dane as well as background knowledge in OOP and Python.