Full Stack - Level 1 Module 1- Ken Ho

1. Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Areas

    • Investigated what Discourse is, what services it provides, the development community behind, and how they serve their clients.
    • Improved understanding of Bash and Windows terminal commands to navigate around file structures, verifying dependency versions, and writing small scripts to automate setup commands.
    • Reinforced understanding of Git and GitHub.
    • Studied about the basic syntax of Ruby from suggested YouTube videos.
    • STEM-AWAY Forum has been a reliable source of debugging questions, relevant knowledge, and the abundance of rapport which encouraged me to ask questions.
  • Tools

    • Bash terminal, Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt
    • STEM-AWAY forum
    • Git, GitHub
    • Ruby
  • Soft Skills

    • Developed calm and rational debugging skills

      • When errors occurred during the Discourse installation, I tried to maintain composure and studied the error first before attempting to look for answers via Google. Doing so helped me to identify the root of the problem and find answers more accurately.
    • Learned how to ask questions clearly

      • It took me about an hour just to come up with a draft of my question in the forum, but the process of creating the questions and coming up with understandable sentences have shown me the importance of being articulate.

2. Achievements

  • Installed Discourse Successfully
    • I wasn’t able to make any progress for the installation in the first few days due to compatibility issues with different Ubuntu releases and unfamiliarity with the development environment, but I am glad that all the debugging efforts paid off.
  • Learned how to script
    • Because I was able to understand the set up process better, I decided to write a small script to automate the set up process each time when Discourse needs to be launched.
  • Instilling composure and perseverance
    • I have a tendency to rush through tutorials, not knowing what I’m doing, but the setbacks I encountered when installing Discourse was a helpful reminder that it is essential to stay focused and be calm when problems arise.

3. Tasks Completed and Challenges

  • Successful installation of Discourse
  • Successful automation of launching Discourse
  • Due to my tendency of rushing through tutorials, I have set myself up for various errors such as wrong sequence of command execution, following the wrong tutorial, installing the wrong distribution, etc. all of which resulted in countless resets of my computer and reinstalling the Ubuntu distribution to the point of annoyance. Despite knowing that my habits are not advantageous, I still had a hard time trying to instill better virtues such as rationale, calmness, and patience to my approach. On a positive note, I did notice some minor improvement from my struggles as I was able to sit and debug longer, which factored into my success of finally installing Discourse. I hope this trajectory continues to propel forward.
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