Full Stack : Level 1 Module 1 - Justin Na

Justin Na - Self Assessment - Module 1

1. An Overview of Things Learned

  • Technical Area: I taught myself how to use Discourse, open source forums, and Ruby
  • Tools: STEM-Away forum, Discourse, VSCode, Github
  • Soft Skills: Learned how to ask for help when necessary and synthesize information from videos

2. Achievement Highlights

  • I was able to successfully download Discourse and ensure that it ran properly
  • From videos and articles, I was able to self-teach myself various concepts in Ruby
  • I familiarized myself with the new format for the full stack pathway as well as the plan for the upcoming weeks

3. Challenges

  • Initially, I ran into the problem of setting up Discourse because Ruby would not complete its download for me
  • I was also unsure of what to do for the pathway hub, which prevented me from starting earlier and from reaching out for help

4. Goals For Module 2

  • To gain a deeper understanding of Ruby and master more advanced concepts
  • Be able to understand how Ruby connects to full stack
  • To learn to use Github in the context of a team (merge, pull, branches)
  • To learn how to better navigate the Stem-away website
  • To learn how to use Discourse